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[Ever-healthy, efficient, powerful Magnet] Magnets are re-architected to be perfectly aligned with the magnetometer, magnet array, and charging coil designed by the iPhone 15 Series Case. It allows for fast charging speed and provides strong and secure connections with magnetic accessories such as wallets, chargers, car mounts, etc. Meanwhile, it won't damage and decrease the phone's longevity.
[Exlcusively Inside & Outside Double Shields]  takes the biggest jump in protection the industry has ever on the phone. For traditional outside, we remain 1.1mm raised screen lips and 1.2 mm lifted camera bezels. 
[Feeling the differences in Touch and Visual]The translucent back reveals and even enhances the original beauty of your phone. It is aesthetically pleasing at all times, unlike a clear case that discolors over time.

Designed for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case, [Anti-Yellowing] Compatible with MagSafe

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