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Transparent iPad Air 2022 Screen Protector 2022 (5th Generation)

Of course you want to prevent damage to the screen of your brand new Apple iPad Air 2022! With this screen protector for the iPad Air 2022, scratches on your screen are a thing of the past. Even if you drop your iPad, this screen protector will most likely prevent a crack in your screen. This iPad Air 2022 screen protector has a transparency of 99%. This means that the brightness of the screen hardly decreases. Protect your Apple iPad with the BSW Premium tempered glass screen protector for your iPad Air 2022 (5th generation).

Powerful iPad Air 2022 screen protector

This iPad Air 2022 tempered glass screen protector is made of tempered glass and can absorb up to 3x more force than other normal screen protectors. The hardness is rated at 9H. This ensures maximum protection for your iPad. Keys or even a knife are no match for this tempered glass.

Wafer-thin screen protector

This iPad Air 2022 screen protector is as thin as 3 sheets of A4 paper. The screen protector is very easy to apply without air bubbles using the instructions provided on the packaging. It is very important to carefully clean the screen with the provided wipes.

Remove the protective film from the iPad Air 2022 screen protector and place it on top of your screen. Thanks to the special silicone adhesive layer, the screen protector 'absorbs' itself without bubbles. There are instructions on the packaging to correctly place the screen protector. The touchscreen of your device will continue to have the same touch sensitivity, clarity and functionality as before.

Advantages of this iPad Air 2022 screen protector:

• Extremely strong iPad Air 2022 (5th generation) tempered glass

• Easy to apply

• Touch sensitivity, clarity and functionality remain as before

• Provided with the necessary cut-outs

• Optimal fit with this iPad Air 2022 screen protector (10.9 inch)

• Dust and dirt-repellent


• Shock and scratch resistant

• Rounded corners on the iPad Air 2022 screen protector (10.9 inch)

• No influence on the operation of the touchscreen

• Case friendly (screen protector does not cover the entire screen)

• No air bubbles underneath the screen protector

• Tempered safety glass


• Tempered glass

• Transparent color

• Grease-repellent

• No greasy fingerprints

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