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Shockproof Lightweight Protective Grip Holder Kids Case For iPad

Have you bought a new tablet for the kids? The protection of a tablet is of great importance for long-term use. With the iPad Cover Kids you opt for a stylish, practical and protective case, extra sturdy for use by children. One thing is certain, the iPad is always protected!

It is essential that your expensive products, including an iPad, are well protected. In addition, you naturally want a case to be practical. Our protective cover provides comfort during use and provides additional fall protection. Don't be afraid if the iPad falls to the floor and put it upright if you want to let the kids watch a series in peace. Practical, stylish and protective!

Your benefits:

Drop and impact damage - The iPad Case protects your device against shocks and drops. ● Wide angles - The case is thicker and wider than a standard case. This provides extra protection in the vulnerable corners of your screen.

Fold to stand - Stand the iPad so you can easily watch a series or stand firmly when your kids play a game.

Non-slip handle - The case has a handle that makes it easy to carry the iPad.

Child-friendly material - The Kids iPad Sleeve is made of EVA foam.

Protect your iPad

An iPad is expensive, it's not just a purchase. Of course you don't want the iPad to be broken in no time, with our iPad Cover Kids both the front and back of your tablet are protected against wear, scratches, drops and spills. The protective cover completely encloses the tablet and is protected by bumper edges. Everyone in the house can use the tablet without any worries.

Especially for children

Children are a bit clumsy with stuff and don't look at the value. They therefore pay less attention while using a tablet, drop it more often and even throw it. The iPad Cover Kids is also suitable when the children use the iPad. Ideal for any situation! Firstly, it is made of child-friendly material, so that even the smallest can handle it. In addition, the case is made as a bumper for your tablet. The thick edges ensure that if the tablet falls, the screen will never touch the ground. Finally, the entire cover is anti-slip, so it will not just fall out of your hands and the children have a firm grip. From now on you no longer have to worry that your expensive tablet will break when the children use it.

Adjustable angles

The iPad Cover Kids can be adjusted in two different angles, a viewing angle and a drawing angle. This makes it extra easy for the children, but also for you, to watch a series, draw or play a game. The tablet remains stable due to the anti-slip material and in this way you can use the tablet comfortably.

Features of the iPad Case Kids

- EVA foam

- Anti slip

- Shockproof

- Includes handle

- Adjustable angles

Order the Kids iPad Cover and ensure safe and practical use of your tablet!

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