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Military Drop Protection Magnetic Clear Slim Thin Phone Cover for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Do you want to prevent your new phone from getting dents and scratches? This phone case suitable for wireless charging of the iPhone 14 Pro Max prevents damage with every shock or impact. Thanks to the built-in magnets that match your iPhone 14 Pro Max, your phone is immediately in place. In addition, the case is ideal for use in combination with an Apple wireless charger. Don't wait any longer and buy now! Phone case suitable for Apple wireless charging This case is ideal to use in combination with the wireless charger from Apple. Thanks to the design, you can easily charge your phone without removing the case from your phone. Magnets are placed around the wireless charging circle. These magnets ensure that the iPhone is always properly placed on the wireless charger, so that your phone can be charged quickly! Crystal Clear & Not Turn Yellow Easily The TPU edge is made of imported Bayer raw materials, 4.5 grade yellows resistant, and the camera is TPU soft adhesive. PC backboard 1.5mm high penetration hardening, internal screen printing dot waterproof printing, surface hardness 1H. Stylish design for your iPhone 14 Pro Max This clear case has a transparent design, so you can always optimally enjoy the design of your smartphone! Handy cutouts have also been made at the camera and other inputs/buttons of your iPhone. This allows you to continue to use your Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max optimally without any hindrance from the buttons. In addition, this case has built-in magnets that match your iPhone 14 Pro Max. This means that your phone always fits perfectly in the case! The phone case is shockproof designed The advanced protection ensures that your iPhone is protected as well as possible. The armored hybrid layer and the shock-resistant soft rubber provide perfect shock resistance.

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