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iPhone 13 Pro Max Transparent Magsafe Case with Electroplated Edges

This iPhone 13 Pro Max case protects your iPhone perfectly thanks to the galvanized edges with gold accent color. This way your iPhone 13 Pro Max remains well protected against fall and impact damage. The golden metal edges give a luxurious look and nice color to your iPhone 13 Pro Max. The crystal clear back shows off the beautiful design of your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Give your iPhone 13 Pro Max good protection and a luxurious look with this electroplated cover.

Magnet case

This iPhone 13 Pro Max case has a Magnet adapter on the back, so you can continue to use your Magnet chargers and accessories without any problems. Normally, a case interrupts the Magnet signal, but with this Magnet case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, everything continues to work perfectly. Choose a Magnet case if you would like to use your wireless charger or accessories!

iPhone 13 Pro Max Magnet case in short:

  • Electroplated edges in beautiful accent color

  • Suitable for Magnet

  • Good protection

  • Luxurious appearance

  • Transparent back

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