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BSW iPhone 14 Pro Max Matte Case Helps You Show Your Style in a Special Way

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has been a hit right now. If you’ve spent over $1,000 on a gorgeous smartphone, you’ll probably want to “dress up” it well while making sure it’s well-protected. There’s no doubt that choosing a case that allows you to personalize your phone can better match Apple’s latest technology and design.

A solid color case will cover up the beautiful back of your new iPhone, and a clear case seems not that special. How about a translucent case showing your phone in a mysterious way? We has launched translucent case, to celebrate your style, and help you determine the best translucent cases worth buying.

Key Features

Translucent Back Cover

N52 Fanshaped Magnet

Foldable Stand

MagSafe Compatible

Detachable Independent Buttons

The iPhone 14 Pro Max case features a translucent back cover to deliver a sense of mystery and romance. This frosted design helps you show off your fashion in an understated way, and it won’t fade or get dirty like those clear cases. The sprayed elastic paint on the surface makes it as smooth as silk and velvet.

A 3-way standing can be realized by pulling the ring down through the notch at the top. The viewing angles are adjustable to 40 degrees to 120 degrees, which allows you to always find a comfortable viewing position.

You must have some embarrassing moments like having no pockets and leaving your phone nowhere when carrying a large parcel. Don’t worry. This Matte MagSafe case will give you a hand. With just one finger getting through the ring on the back, you can take anything you want simultaneously. The case fits firmly with the phone’s body and will never fall.

Focusing on protection as well as functionality, the raised screen lips, camera bezels and rear camera airbags are specially designed to protect the vital parts of your valued new iPhone 14.

Choose the Right Case for Your Phone

If you’re finding a special and solid case for your new iPhone, this case offers some of the best options. They all have the same transparent back, but the functions are varied. Just select the right one as you need and make sure that one is compatible with your phone, and aligns with your lifestyle.

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