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BSW iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Transparent Rugged Air Case

Product description

This Rugged Air Case gives your smartphone good protection in a thin jacket. This iPhone 14 Pro Max case has been tested for drops up to 1.2 meters and has a slim design. The iPhone 14 Pro Max case has a two-layer structure that protects your phone from daily damage. The scratch-resistant back makes it complete.

Good fall protection

Because this iPhone 14 Pro Max book case has been tested for drops of up to 1.2 meters, the case gives your phone the best protection against daily damage. The case has raised, reinforced edges so that your phone's screen is safe when you place your device face down on the table.

Two-layer structure

The iPhone 14 Pro Max cover consists of a base of soft, shock-resistant silicone material and has a sturdy plastic back. This way you get a powerful case that offers good protection.

Scratch-resistant back

The sturdy plastic back of the iPhone 14 Pro Max case is scratch-resistant, so that both your phone and your case remain beautiful for a long time. The case is completely transparent, so that the design of your phone remains visible.

Custom made for your smartphone

This case fits your smartphone perfectly. For example, the cutouts for the ports and camera are accessible and the buttons on the side of the device are easy to operate.

Looking for a slim iPhone 14 Pro Max case that offers good protection against daily damage? Then you've come to the right place with this Rugged Air Case!

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