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welcome to Ipushcase



Ipushcase was established in 2010 and is specializing in design, production and distribution of mobile phone accessories. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality and most innovative and modern design to all our customers.


All our Phone Cases and Phone Accessories are designed by our team of highly skilled designers.  The success of our products and the rapid growth of its market share have made Ipushcase one of the top brands in the mobile phone accessories segment.





Our Designers work continuously to enhance the customer experience related to our products and cell phone cases. A satisfied customer is our highest priority and our customer support is always improving the service quality.  


Disinfection bag

Neat Living UV Sanitizer 

Bag with LED UVC Lights

This product is a UV sterilized storage bag.This storage bag can be folded and placed, which is easy to carry. This product adopts  UVC+UVA dual band lamp beads, and the lamp beads have a service life of up to 10000 hours.This UV lamp can kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus  aureus,etc.CE,RoHS,FCC,EPA Certification all we have.

Airpods 2 In 1 Dual Layer Design Case

 The AirPods Case adopting advanced double layer Design with outer hard plastic and inner soft TPU to protect your AirPods perfectly. 

wireless earphone
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